Screw Kits and Quality Checks

We got a negative review on Home Depot because the customer said there wasn’t a screw kit in the unit he ordered. We have a 3 stage quality program with our Critter Quitters to assure the screw kit is in the unit. The unit count and the screw kit count have to match, then there is a visual inspection of every unit as it goes into packing, and finally a sound check to assure there is a screw kit in the unit. Finally we have statistical quality checks of random units to assure the units have screws in them.
However, statistical quality control shows that’s nothing is 100% and errors will happen, so its possible a unit left without a screw kit in it. More likely it fell out of the unit during shipping or it got stuck in the head and wouldn’t come out.
If any of our customers ever gets a unit that doesn’t have a screw kit in it we will send a kit free of charge.

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