Pitch and Critter Quitters

We have received some enquiries about roof pitch and how Critter Quitters fit on these. Many get hung up on this being concerned with “will it fit.”

Let’s clear this up. A normal roof is basically a triangle. Pitch is simply the measurement of how much it rises in a foot of horizontal run. So if a roof rises 12 inches in 12 inches of horizontal run, this means it’s a 12 pitch roof, and also means that it has a 45 degree angle. More important to note is that this also means that a 6 pitch roof (the vast majority of roofs in the Southern states that use lead flashing) rises 6 inches for 12 inches of horizontal run, and is a 22.5 degree angle. A 3 pitch roof would rise 3 inches for 12 inches of horizontal run, and is an 11.25 degree angle.

So how does this fit the discussion? Because a Critter Quitter, when mounted, has the same triangle relationship at its base around your vent as the roof. We cut the F model with a 0 pitch for roofs between a pitch of 0 and 3, and our S model is cut to a pitch of 7 (basically a 26 degree angle) to fit roofs between 4 and 10 pitch. Size A has a 3 ½ inch outside diameter, so that means that if you put a S model on a 4 pitch roof or a 10 pitch roof, it’s going to have a small gap on one side of 3 pitches, or 11.75 degrees. This means a gap of maybe ¾ inch, which is negligible on a roof and not accessible by squirrels. This is the largest gap you will see. As it’s installed on the 5-9 pitch roofs, which are very common, this gap decreases with 7 having no gap.

So don’t worry about pitch, its covered. (no pun intended.)

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