Some Home Depot Questions and Answers

Home Depot has a question and answer section. There are a lot of good comments in there. Here is one on will a small unit fit a 2 inch pipe. A comment before you read the question and answers. A small unit is 3 inches in diameter, but the screws provided will attach it to a 1 1/2 or 2 inch pipe. No need to use longer screws. However if you have the large 4 inch unit, you can use it on a smaller pipe using longer screws.

I have 2 inch vent pipes. Squirrels are eating them with incredible speed; not just the lead flashing, but the PVC pipe too. WILL THE 3 INCH PRODUCT WORK ON A 2 INCH PIPE? I can’t find a 2″ version.

I use these on both my 2″ and 3″ pipes. They work very well and I would recommend them highly.

In my case it did. They make it a little bit wide because it has to slip over the damaged lead. The top of this thing is like a little funnel that shoots the water straight down the middle of your pipe so it should be perfect for what you need. You just need to have enough pipe left above the roof line so that you can screw the new piece on. If you don’t screw it on, it will just blow off the first time a gust of wind comes around.

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