Cutting CQ with a Miter Saw

Some questions have arisen about cutting the large Size B CQ with a miter saw. Although we supply these in two standard sizes that will fit most roofs, an exact fit is sometimes wanted and the best way to do this is order at a certain pitch or field cut. One can cut with a hand saw, but a miter makes it much easier and cleaner. However, most people only have a 10 inch saw, and a 12 inch is needed to cut the Size B in one cut. To cut with a 10 inch saw, the best way is to cut halfway through, then rotate the blade to the opposite size and cut the remaining half. You cannot cut it on one side, there is simply not enough blade on a 10 inch saw to cut through a 4 inch CQ. Just be careful when cutting the opposite size, its awkward and keep your hands out of the blade area. A helpful hint is when you make your second cut, start down the CQ and work your way up toward the previous cut, that way if you are off a bit you can make adjustments. Safety first, remember to wear safety glasses and let the blade stop totally before getting near it.

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