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How To Order A Critter Quitter Vent Cover

NOTE: Critter Quitters® have been designed for easy installation by home owners. However, we can assume no responsibility for injury or death occurring during installation of this or any Avalon Manufacturing Product. A roofing professional can assist if needed.


In order to supply the correct vent repair device, we need to know three things

  1. The diameter of your vents. Remember all diameters are the diameter of the lead flashing.
    1. Diameter 2.5″ to 3″ – Visit one of the retail stores or websites in the menu above
    2. Diameter 3.75″ to 4″ – Visit one of the retail stores or websites in the menu above
    3. Diameter 4.875″ to 6″ – Available below
  2. The number of vents
  3. The pitch(angle) of the roof

If you need additional information concerning determining diameter or pitch, please scroll down the page for a more detailed discussion.

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Determing Diameter

To determine what size vent shield you need, all you need to do is measure the diameter of your vent at the exit. If it’s 3 inches or under including flashing, then you need a Small (S) Vent Repair Flashing. If its 4 inches in diameter including flashing you need a Large(L) Vent Repair Flashing. You may notice that if you have the lead flashing that it is going to be very rough, not round and beat up on top, this is because it’s folded over the pipe. However, it’s very soft and can be tapped with any small hammer, wrench, screwdriver, or by hand into a round shape.

Please see Installation guides for more information on Cutting and Installing your Critter Quitter®.

Determing Pitch

Pitch is the angle of the roof.

The pitch of your roof is measured by how much rise the roof has for one foot of run. In other words, if you measured out one foot horizontally, how much does the roof rise at the end of that foot. If you measure out 12 inches horizontally and then measure to the roof line the amount of rise is the pitch. For instance, if you measure out 12 inches and it rises 4 inches to the roof line, the pitch is 4. If you measure 8 inches upward then the pitch is 8.

Critter Quitters® come cut for a 5 ¾ pitch roof. This will allow the unit to fit any roof between 3 pitch and 8 pitch with a small gap too small for any squirrel damage . If your roof is flat or highly pitched a custom unit can be ordered and it will be cut to your specifications. However, these are not returnable.

You can go on the internet and find a host of Roof Pitch Calculators that can give you more information.

Now We Are Ready To Order

Just follow the simple steps below.

  1. Determine the size of the vents.
  2. Count the number of sizes.
  3. Determine the pitch as close as possible. Critter Quitters® do not require a snug fit to the roof; in fact a gap is actually preferred to allow the roof to move.
  4. Order via the order form.

Have an Extra Large Size Vent, Try our XL Unit

Homes built prior to 1960 often had large cast iron 4 inch vents. These will have a 5 3/8 inch diameter flashing. If you have one of these, or a newer home with the oddball 4 inch vent, we can supply you one of our Extra Large (XL) shields. Call us at 407-808-2501 for more information on how to order.

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