Critter Quitters® for Roofing & Maintenance

Roof with lead flashing

Roofing Professionals

Critter Quitter® Vent Repair are an ideal vent repair. Once installed, the vent is protected and there will be no need to re-flash. This is a major advantage over previous repairs. In the past, the shingles would have to be removed and a new flashing installed. This often looked bad, especially if the shingles were old and cracked. It also was often a very low margin project as the roofer would have to spend time hunting for shingles that matched, repair the damaged shingles when removed, and have to charge a large fee for his time. This often would not be easily accepted from the home owner, especially if the shingles didnt match, something out of the control of the roofer. Now with a Critter Quitter a roofer can simply use the existing flashing and just repair it with no shingle work. Fast and it looks great.

If a roofing professional offers these either included in a new roof, or as an additional option, it provides the customer with a good product and will generate large amounts of good will and recommendations.

Since they are easy to install and this problem is very common, a roofing professional can make additional revenue by selling Critter Quitters® in a neighborhood while working on a roof. Average installation time is 15 minutes per vent.


Building Maintenance Specialists

Building Maintenance Professionals from the handyman to apartment, hotel, or condominium maintenance can also benefit from Critter Quitters® as once installed there will be no more leaks and the vents will be protected from further damage. In addition, the chances of frogs and rats getting into the building are greatly reduced

Easy to install and effective, Critter Quitters® are a great solution to roofing professionals seeking additional revenue streams.

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