Critter Quitter® for the Real Estate Industry

beforeandafterHome Inspection Failing Due to Damaged Vents

As a real estate professional, you know a home has to pass a home inspection before it can be sold or bought. Often a home will fail inspection because the home inspector finds that the plumbing vents have been chewed off by squirrels and are leaking. In the past the only answer to this would be to call a roofer and have the home re-flashed, an expensive repair that requires removal of shingles. This can be problematic on older homes with worn shingles, and certainly opens up the possibility of having to replace damaged plywood if the vent has leaked for a long time. On top of that, the new owner would be faced with the same problem in a few years when the squirrels repeat the process on the new vent flashing.


Let Critter Quitter® Help You Sell

Critter Quitters® offer a great alternative to this. If a home fails inspection due to leaking vents, instead of re-flashing, install Critter Quitters®. These will stop the vent from leaking, protect it from further attack, and add an attractive look to the home. They are a cost effective vent repair and simple to install by any handyman or even the home owner themselves.

So whether the home has a new roof or an old one, when your client buys Critter Quitters® they are buying piece of mind.

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