Critter Quitter® for the Pest Control Industry

topRaining Rats and Frogs? Squirrels a nuisance?

Ever heard of the Frog in the Toilet or the Rat in the Sink? Often these come down the vents and end up in a home’s plumbing where they swim up through the trap and end up in the home. Frogs aren’t so bad, but rats are dangerous and carry many diseases.
Likewise, squirrels love to chew on the lead flashing and simply gnawing it away over time. The flashing acts to draw these rodents to the house, thereby making them more prone to bother the homeowner.


Our Vent Repair Is the Solution


Critter Quitter® Vent Repair is an ideal adder for Rodent and Animal Exclusion Contracts. Pest control companies have purchased thousands of Critter Quitters® for this purpose. The reason is that not only does the unit exclude frogs, rats, and snakes from a homes plumbing, but it also stops damaged vents from leaking and protects the vent from future squirrel attack. This provides the customer with multiple benefits. They are also attractive and add value to the home.

If your pest control company doesn’t do roof work, offering Exclusion Contracts with Critter Quitters® should be considered as an additional revenue stream. The benefits to the customer are worth it and it will provide tremendous good will as you would have stopped a host of issues. In addition, they often bring in additional business when neighbors see them being installed as often they will want them also. It is one of the few products that is very profitable a pest control professional can do on a roof that doesn’t require a license as you are not removing shingles, you are simply sliding this onto an existing flashing. Its an effective vent repair without the cost. Consider giving them a try, we offer a free sample if you wish.

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